Osprey On the Hunt

Osprey in flight

Osprey Series Osprey on the hunt, blue skies and snow white clouds one early spring morning. Soaring high in the clouds he carefully searches the water below for unsuspecting prey. This series captures the osprey active in flight and momentarily hovering before he quickly descends while locking in on his target. All images can be viewed in our Wildlife […]

Winter Abstract

Winter Abstract

Lensbaby Creative Close Ups Snow piled high on the edge of a railing with an amazing array of light, bokeh, and patterns created by the setting sun and silhouette of nearby tree branches. Winter Abstract prints are scheduled to be released within the next week in a series of 3 images. We are working hard  to release several new print series and […]

Fly Away Blue

The majestic Great Blue Heron takes flight along the water's edge.

Fly Away Blue is one of our newest print releases. A beautiful image artfully highlighting the gentle curves and graceful poise of the Great Blue Heron in flight. Michael captured this amazingly close image in January at Lion’s Bridge in Newport News, Virginia.