Indian Summer

Autumn was especially beautiful and eventful this year. Hampton Roads was ablaze with color and had a variety of migrant birds break here for an extended stay before continuing their journey. We welcomed Bald Eagles, Egrets, Cormorants, and Pelicans to name a few. The juvenile Brown Pelicans were among the most interesting. Messick Point in Poquoson, VA, which is usually home to Osprey, Herons, Egrets, and the largest Seagulls I have ever seen became home to a large pod of Brown Pelicans, mostly juveniles. They stayed for a few weeks and drew quite the crowd.

Colonial Parkway and Jamestown were beautiful as usual but I was truly amazed at the colors of the marshes around Jamestown.  As we say goodbye to fall and welcome the quiet of winter we would like to wish everyone a very safe holiday.  Merry Christmas and warmest wishes for a remarkable New Year!

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