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New Work

Our latest original artwork. The 2018 collection.


Sunrise late October near Jamestown Virginia

Dawn’s Early Light


Sunrise near Jamestown, Virginia

Autumn Sunrise


Osprey taking flight



A unique perspective of an Osprey landing on the branch of a pine tree.

No Translation Needed


Black and white print of a pair of pelicans

Pelican Pair BW


Sunrise at the Oceanfront, Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Virginia Beach Sunrise


Fort Story, Virginia Beach

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse


Osprey perched with an early moonrise as background

Early Moonrise


Great Blue Heron preening, hidden deep within the branches of a pine

Hiding Place


Great Blue Heron at the shore

Nestled in Pine


moonlight above a small tree with fall foliage



Rocks along the shore near Yorktown

On the Rocks



New Work • Wildlife • Nature • Hampton Roads • Black & White • Floral

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